Maximise Your Potential

Be The ULTIMATE Team Member

Saturday 25th March

Holland House, Cardiff

9.30am – 5.00pm

It’s time for our annual conference and in keeping with the theme we’ve tried to come up with something a little outside the box of composite but a day that should help take your career to the next level.

Ask yourself some questions…. Am I the Best I Can Be? Am I the Best Team Member I Can Be? How Can I Be Better?

At first glance you may not equate being a member of a Dental Practice to a Member of the Armed Forces. And you’d be right, we aren’t called in to rescue hostages or fight off the Russians when they sail uninvited to our waters but when you start to examine the fundamentals of teamwork you begin to uncover a fair few parallels between the special forces and the dental world.

Working in small teams with people from varying backgrounds, values and skills sets. Working in a high pressure environment and all focused on the ‘outcome’ that has to be successful otherwise there is trouble…. 

Sometimes you’re the Leader other times you’re a team player but one thing is for certain…. you can’t do it on your own….. you HAVE to be a member of a Team.

Come along to this unique day where you can learn the importance of ‘Team’….. How to be a Leader…. Where, How & When to set goals…. Failure culture…… Pressure Management…… Blending different & difficult personalities….. with stories of failed operations, how and why they went wrong and how it applies just as importantly to the dental world.

These are possibly some of the most important life lessons that ate never taught, so come and learn them today!

And for those who are non clinical, but still an essential member of the Team (eg Manger, Front of House etc ) but think what’s the point? The practice couldn’t run without you, but don’t you want to be considered invaluable not replaceable?

Our Speakers

Colin Maclachlan was part of Channel Four’s captivating reality TV drama SAS: Who Dares Wins & Channel 5 series ‘Secrets of the SAS’.

He waded through stinking swamps in Sierra Leone in West Africa to hunt down the West Side Boys, a guerrilla gang holding 5 British soldiers hostage. The mission was nicknamed “Operation Certain Death”. The SAS rescue teams secured the hostages’ building and neutralised the West Side Boys and secured the prison building before the rest of the unit arrived wiping out the terrorists in 2000.  He was also the first sniper on the scene when a hijacked Afghan flight with 150 passengers landed at Stansted, sparking a stand-off that lasted four days.

Five years later Colin found himself on the other side of a rescue mission after he was taken hostage in the Iraqi city of Basra. Blindfolded, battered and stripped naked, he repeatedly felt a gun pressed to his head and heard them pull the trigger, as his captors held mock executions.  

Paddy joined the British Army in 1982, initially serving in the infantry. He left after 6 years, and then re-enlisted into the Intelligence Corps. On completing P Company, he served with 5 Airborne Brigade. Paddy later served within the UK Special Forces Group and was subsequently deployed on operations throughout Northern Ireland. He was then attached to the Metropolitan Police service in an advisory role. Being posted to UNSOG Paddy served on Operations in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia & Eritrea, and the DROC.

On leaving the forces he lived and worked throughout the Middle East, working in security related roles. From 2000 – 2008 Paddy worked throughout Africa as a Contracted Tracker working for various organisations ranging from Government Departments, Multi Nationals, Law Enforcement and Military Organisations. Paddy retired from Operational work in 2009. Since then he has excelled in the field of elite performance and has worked with some the world’s leading sports people to enhance their performance.

A keen advocate of mental health, Paddy also specialises in addiction and works with people to help them overcome their issues and to achieve recovery.

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